2023 Amazing Shake Competition

2023 Amazing Shake Competition
Posted on 01/31/2023
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Royal had a great start to the third annual Amazing Shake Competition! On January 24-27, 5th-8th graders participated in a variety of challenges geared toward interpersonal and professional skills they’ll need in their education, employment, and everyday life.

girl shaking a judges hand

The competition began with all 5th and 6th grade students and any interested 7th and 8th graders “working the room,” talking with local community members and business professionals who acted as judges, assigning number values based on handshakes, eye contact, confidence, and other factors. From there, the top performing students from each round progressed through seven rounds throughout the week. Rounds included giving prepared and impromptu presentations, sitting for interviews, and even teaching a class of younger students about the Amazing Shake!

Each round required students to use critical thinking, present professionally, and adapt to different audiences and situations. Interactions with judges who came from a range of backgrounds from communications to Boeing operations to law enforcement also introduced students to interests and career paths they may not have considered before.

photos of top 12 students from Amazing Shake Competition

The following top 12 students coming out of the final rounds on Friday, January 27th will go on to compete for the title of Royal Amazing Shake Winner:

  • Johan Alcaraz, 7th grade  
  • Brock Morgan, 7th grade  
  • Sarah Freeman, 8th grade
  • Averi Scroggins, 5th grade  
  • Alayna Mendoza, 5th grade  
  • Dane Allred, 6th grade
  • Sawyer Greenfield, 6th grade  
  • Anistynn Andersen, 5th grade  
  • Hank Lichtenegger, 6th grade
  • Emma-Lee Akerley, 5th grade 
  • Grace Soliz, 7th grade  
  • Tatum Jensen, 5th grade

In addition to competing for Royal Amazing Shake Winner, at least six students from our Top 12 will have the chance to represent Royal School District at the National Amazing Shake Competition in Atlanta, Georgia, in March.

Thank you to all the Royal staff, our volunteer judges, and the Royal School District Board of Directors for making this event and the trip to nationals possible!