Amazing Shake 2022

The Amazing Shake Comes to Royal City
Posted on 03/01/2022
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Sixth graders at Royal Intermediate School competed from February 9-11 in the 2nd annual Amazing Shake. Finalists Bronson Scroggins, Brycen Fitzhugh, Makayla Shuper, Briggs Eyre, Johan Alcaraz, Jason Mayo, Jaime Hernandez, Madox Hill and Grace Soliz are moving on to a national competition with students from across the country! The Amazing Shake is a dynamic and exciting live competition that teaches students professional skills they will use to further themselves in their education, employment, and everyday life. 

This 3-day competition starts with the handshake and moves on to a series of challenges, such as how to give a successful interview, responding to questions in one minute, and how to remain composed under pressure. Life skills include leadership, manners, discipline, respect, courage, compassion, social grace, and confidence. Only the top students in each round continue to move on to subsequent rounds. 

Round One:

All 6th graders participate in this round called “Working the Room.” The goal is to meet with local professionals and make a lasting impression on as many judges as possible. 

student shaking hands with army recruit

Round Two:

The “Circle of Doom” brings 30 students competing a face-to-face with 30 judges. They only have 1 minute with each judge to respond to their questions. 

Round Three:

“The Gauntlet” includes a series of 15 different stations where students compete in activities ranging from product pitches, like selling a cowboy hat, to a mock interview with college administrators. 

Round Four:

The top 14 students test their skills at a real-world business setting. 

Round Five:

This round is for the top 9 remaining students to participate in a dinner in which their etiquette, manners, and conversational skills are tested. 

Round Six:

The final 5 students compete in a 1-on-1 interview on stage in front of parents, students, and community members. At the end, one Amazing Shake Champion is determined.

Royal Intermediate School is excited to announce our top nine finalists: Bronson Scroggins, Brycen Fitzhugh, Makayla Shuper, Grace Soliz, Johan Alcaraz, Jason Mayo, Jaime Hernandez, Madox Hill and Briggs Eyre. Our Amazing Shake Champion is Bronson Scroggins.

The Royal School Board approved for the top three to attend finals. After the community participated in the process as judges, they believed that more than three students had earned the right to represent Royal Intermediate and have donated the money for the additional six students.  Currently, all nine finalists have been invited to attend The National Amazing Shake at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia from March 4-6!  Mr. Palmer, RIS Stem teacher, and Ms. Baldus, RIS Principal and Ms. Burke, RIS 5th grade teacher, will be supervising the trip. 

The Amazing Shake continues to be a fun and unique experience that introduces our students to new networks and career paths they may not have otherwise been exposed to in our rural community. Moreover, this experience helps them to learn, develop, and practice qualities needed to become the next generation of leaders in our communities and business.