Students & Families

Welcome to Royal Intermediate School (RIS)

We are so excited for you to be a part of our school! As a staff we are dedicated to helping you become engaged learners that are accountable for academic growth. Adults in our school will consistently model teamwork and intentional teaching while preparing students for successful futures. We encourage parents/guardians to be totally involved in all aspects of school during this time and maintain open communication with your child, teachers, support staff and the administration at RIS. We believe that all stakeholders should be involved in decision-making. Every member of the RIS staff is here to assist students in learning and growing.

Royal Intermediate School Parent Involvement Plan

Parents will be a part of the school improvement group for the building. The following is the job description for this group.

  • Be a part of the review and dissemination yearly of the school improvement plan.
  • Communicate to staff and parents components of the plan

Royal Intermediate school will promote partnerships that will increase involvement in promoting the academic, social and emotional growth of the children. These goals will be aligned with state and national educational goals.

Royal Intermediate School will support parent involvement by:

  • Engaging parents in meaningful involvement
  • Distributing student testing information
  • Collecting information by survey
  • Information in the district newsletter
  • Providing annual school performance report
  • Encouraging reading at home
  • Encouraging parent to participate as school volunteers
  • Making telephone contacts
  • Welcoming parent teacher conferences
  • Making home visits
  • Providing written information in English and Spanish
  • Encouraging Migrant and Bilingual parents to participate in the district Parent Advisory Committee