School Improvement Plan

Consolidated School Improvement Plan

Title I, Part A, Schoolwide and School Improvement

The following information is included in the 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan for Royal Intermediate School.  If you are interested in receiving a complete version of this plan in print or electronic format, please contact the school office at 509-346-2226. 

Section 1: Building Data

  • 1a. Building: Royal Intermediate School
  • 1b. Principal: Linda Achondo
  • 1c. District: Royal School District
  • 1d. Board Approval Date: Click or tap here to enter text.
  • 1e. Plan Date: Click or tap here to enter text.
  • 1f. Washington School Improvement Framework (WSIF) Support Status:  Targeted 3+
  • 1g. Grade Span: 4-6
  • School Type: Intermediate
  • 1h. Building Enrollment: 455
  • 1i. F/R Percentage: District-wide free & reduced lunch
  • 1j. Special Education Percentage: 13%
  • 1k. English Learner Percentage: 43%

Section 2: School Leadership Team Members

Parent-Community Partners:

Linda Achondo, Principal/LeaderHeidi Miller, Instructional Coach/note taker
Liesel Hill, 4th grade teacher/grade level chair
Monica Clouse, 5th grade teacher/grade level chair
Maria Lefler, 5th grade teacher
Patsy Huddleston, Music teacher; specialist rep.
Bree Andra, Librarian/parentEmelda Alvarado, Counselor

Section 3: Vision Statement

In an effort to foster a challenging and supportive climate for all to be successful, we will strive to promote continuous engagement among our students and staff, where a supportive sense of community is built through organized collaboration and positive communication.

Section 4: Culture of Equity Description/Statement

It is our mission to ensure that each child is successful regardless of their external or internal, social or cultural contexts.

Systems of Support

We currently have a high functioning PBIS system based on a House system. We use PBIS Rewards to give House points to students when they meet or exceed expectations. We are sending a team to the Ron Clark Academy to strengthen this area. This year we have been implementing Character Strong in 6th grade as our SEL curriculum. Next year we will be expanding this to all other grades. We also have Tutorial/Advisory in 6th grade this year and will be expanding this to 4th & 5th grades. Through this schedule, teachers will be able to provide daily intervention/enrichment to students that are struggling. We have attended trainings from a school near us on this idea. We have also had a team attend the Solution Tree RTI training last year and will attend again this year.

We have been working on improving community/family engagement for the last several years. We have Open House in the Fall and several family nights throughout the school year. We also have an end of the year carnival that is very well attended. It is our goal to continue to strengthen this area.